PAL Shopping ST.

Information from the Shopping Mall

Koenji Fez Arrival fee!

2015 held Koenji Fez on October 31, 2015 and November 1. Thank you very much for your a lot of arrival.

Shopping street SALE!!

August 21 to 30, 2015 - Please got applicants postcard at the store. - Fill in the postcard, and you'll have to post or store will win a gift certificate! Please see the shop posters and flyers for more information.

Event Information

59th Tokyo Koenji AWAODORI

Nearest station: JR Chuo Line/JR Soubu Line/Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Kouenji Station"

6 minutes from Shinjuku Station (Chuo Line)
38 minutes from Urayasu Station (Chuo Line/Tozai Line Direct)
From the Station
From The Kouenji Station
You go to the south exit.
Walk to the left, across the intersection.
The Pal shopping street has the arcade.